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Is It Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyberbullying tactics include:

  • Posting comments or rumors about someone online that are mean, hurtful, or embarrassing

  • Threatening to hurt someone or telling them to kill themselves

  • Posting a mean or hurtful picture or video

  • Pretending to be someone else online in order to solicit or post personal or false information about someone else

  • Posting mean or hateful names, comments, or content about any race, religion, ethnicity, or other personal characteristics online

  • Creating a mean or hurtful webpage about someone

Cyberbullying can occur through text, social media, forums, or gaming platforms where people can view, participate in, or share content. Cyberbullying can be relentless, increasing the likelihood of anxiety and depression. Some forms of cyberbullying can cross the line into criminal activity.  

Learn more about how you can help prevent cyberbullying.


Other Resources for Identifying Bullying and Cyberbullying 


What is Bullying?

Bullying can affect everyone—those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying...



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