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Illinois Solar for All 

Greater access.
              Cleaner energy.
                              A brighter tomorrow...


Illinois Solar for All provides greater access to the clean energy economy for low-income communities through incentives that help make solar installations more affordable and result in measurable savings for participants.

Owners & Residents Vendors

Elevate serves as the Program Administrator for Illinois Solar for All (ILSFA) on behalf of the Illinois Power Agency, an independent state government agency. Incentives are available for residential properties, facilities that house nonprofits and public agencies, and community solar projects serving customers with low incomes. Visit the ILSFA website to learn more, or keep reading to determine which ILSFA program is right for you.

For Homeowners

Single-family and multifamily homeowners can participate in the Low-Income Distributed Generation program, which provides homeowners with incentives for solar installations on any residential property that serves low-income households. Qualified participants will have no upfront costs and any ongoing costs or fees will not exceed 50% of the value of the energy produced.

Learn more about the Low-Income Distributed Generation program and check your eligibility.


For Homeowners and Renters

For many households and businesses, solar panels are not accessible due to high installation costs, technical hurdles, and the lack of a suitable site. Community solar overcomes these obstacles by offering all energy consumers a way to tap into collective solar projects in their communities. Renters and homeowners can subscribe to a share of a community solar system through the Low-Income Community Solar program. Participants are credited on their utility bill for the energy produced by their share of the system.

For Nonprofits and Public Facilities

The Non-Profits and Public Facilities program provides incentives for properties occupied by non-profit organizations and public agencies located in low-income or environmental justice communities. Projects are installed onsite and directly serve the energy needs of qualified participants.

Learn more about the Non-Profits and Public Facilities program and check your eligibility.

For Approved Vendors

All ILSFA projects are developed by contractors called Approved Vendors. Approved Vendors are vetted and must meet rigorous program requirements, including quality workmanship, participant savings, and consumer protections. Solar developers that are already Approved Vendors in the Adjustable Block Program can apply to become ILSFA Approved Vendors. Visit the ILSFA website to learn more about registering to become an Approved Vendor.

How the program works


Pre-qualified solar vendors

The program evaluates and approves vendors to meet program requirements and help protect consumers. Technical requirements and installation inspections help ensure quality workmanship.


                      Equitable participation


  • Income-eligible homeowners and renters, as well as non-profits and public facilities serving low-

  • income or environmental justice communities may be eligible for participation. Click here for more on income eligibility in Illinois.


               Participant savings

With Illinois Solar for All, participants will see no upfront costs, and ongoing costs and fees will not exceed 50% of the value of the energy generated from that system.

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