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Life Skills

Life Skills?

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. - Wikipedia

Through our programs, we meet people where they are and support development in the following life skills areas:


    • Personal Hygiene

    • Making Appointments

    • School Safety

    • Responsible Social Media Use

    • Time Management

    • SMART Goal Setting

    • Knowing Your Strengths and Talents


    • Handling Friends

    • Cause and Effect

    • Telling the Truth

    • Building new Relationships

    • Asking for Help

    • Peer Pressure

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Dating

    • Good Character

    • Responsibility

    • Know Your Rights


    • Occupation Exploration

    • Understanding Simple Code

    • Applying for Jobs

    • Filling Out Applications

    • Resume

    • Interview Skills

    • Dressing for Success

    • Volunteering


    • Good Health Habits

    • Positive Mental Health

    • Exercise


    • Coin and Dollar Value

    • Plan for Spending

    • Making a budget

We fully embrace that it takes a village to raise a well rounded child. That requires us to call on as many partners and like minded warriors as possible. Our variety of programs are designed to encourage self management skills and social skills that promote productive and positive behavior, and reduce the potential for bad decision making and negative behavior.

 Life  Skills Objectives...

 introductions to basic life skills such as managing daily household activities as budgets, opening a bank account, and basic financial skills. Because the at-risk population of youth we serve has little to no support or exposure to common practical life skills they need guidance to learn the basics of being productive and responsible. Continuing to develop additional life skills is another crucial aspect to their success...

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