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Wish List:


(1)  Facilities / Housing for Programs

          ~  Community Centers

          ~  Housing for Homeless Individuals and Families


~   Flats, Multi- Units, Multi-Purpose Properties w/                 housing and storefronts

(2)  Funding for Programs/Activities

          ~  Youth Programs

          ~  Housing Programs

          ~  Community Outreach and Supportive Services


(3)  Vehicles

           ~  School Buses and other Passenger Vehicles

           ~  Vans - 7 and 12 Passenger

           ~  Cars


(4)  Program Supplies and Equipment


(5)  Volunteers

*We have so many families who are just trying to hang in there, doing all they can to survive (working, taking care of relative's children who are incarcerated or deceased, grandparents taking care of grandchildren, etc.).  When we, The Mildred Franks  Community Development Corporation, see this we do all we can to encourage them...

We become a part of their support system...


* No donation is too large or too small...  

We appreciate any contribution you are able to give towards our efforts...   


  * All donations are tax deductible.  

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